Sup you beautiful bastards! Hope you’re having a fantastic Tuesday! Welcome back to the Philip Defranco Show and oh baby I missed you I mean I loved the vacation. I got to do so many new things with and to my wife. But there’s always this point mid-trip or near the end where I’m like: “Aww, making videos is such a part of who I am.

Talking to my people, it’s what I do!” With that said, let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re gonna talk about today was possibly one of the most requested stories of the entire year. The gambling scandal that just blind-sided much of the YouTube community. For you lovely non-gaming bastards, I’m gonna give you a little extra background There’s a videogame called CS:GO, and inside of that game, people can have different weapon skins for their weapons To get these skins you have to earn, or buy using real money, cases And then, using real world money, buy a key to open that case where you get weapon skins And Steam allows you not only to use the weapons skins in game, it allows you to sell them. And there’s a whole market where people buy and sell skins for some pennies or thousands of dollars Yes, really.

The price range is because of the rarity of the item or desire for something pretty. From this ecosystem Steam created, we saw a rise of skin gambling websites. Let’s say you have a bunch of skins that are valued at one hundred dollars, You don’t wanna use them, you don’t wanna necessarily sell them, you can go to one of these gambling sites put all your skins out there, they say you have about a hundred dollars worth, maybe one, or several other people throw their skins into the pot, and a winner is chosen! So you either lose your skins or you win a bunch of skins and then you can gamble some more or you can sell them So by risking your digital property, you can actually make real life money. And before I move forward, I want for transparency sake, for people to know that I’m not against gambling or gambling-like things.

In fact, in the past I’ve been sponsored by sites like Draft Kings, which I love and use. That said, here’s the big issue: H3H3 Productions and several other groups have been making videos about TomSyndicate and TmarTn. If you haven’t seen it yet, I definitely recommend you watch it and a big part of the video points out that Trevor Martin and TomSyndicate posted videos saying they used So part of Ethan’s issue with these guys and is that they are taking advantage of children.

Why would they be promoting a gambling service that thirteen year olds could use? To that point, I would say that the privacy policy does mention children that are thirteen or younger The terms of service, which I do not know if they were added or updated any time recently at this time, it does currently say, “By using this Website, you represent, warrant, and agree that you are at least 18 years of age” So if that wasn’t changed recently and that’s just the way that it’s been, it kind of takes takes away from Ethan’s argument a little But the even bigger issue for Ethan with TmarTn and ProSyndicate was that, “OK, if these are promotional videos, why are you not saying that you are sponsored?” I mean FTC guidelines specifically state that if you are sponsored you have to say that you are sponsored Well that’s where it gets a little grey, and there seems to be a lot of double-talk turns out that not only are Trevor and Tom promoting csgolotto, they OWN csgolotto So with this point essentially what you have is a non-gambling but gambling-esque website being promoted by the owners of the website in a way that seems to break the FTC guidelines.

In a way that could be scamming or at the very least tainted. And I said that they were promoting and it was a sponsored video because that’s actually what Trevor said in a now-deleted video And a lot of people defended Trevor saying, “Well if he owned the website, then it’s not, it’s not a sponsorship.” Which I would understand the idea of why he would say that is not a sponsorship Trevor literally said this: Trevor: csgolotto is a company TmarTn Enterprises is a company, csgolotto pays TmarTn Enterprises for promotion. TmarTn Enterprises promotes csgolotto. Philip: Two different companies that he owns, the lotto website paying this one for promotion, and this one promoting to the company that was paying it for promotion it goes in a circle Now since this news came out, ProSyndicate tweeted: That in reference to a ton of accusations of people saying, “Well if you’re the admin of this, you can control it.”

Specific accusations saying that the admin would never need to specifically manipulate their match But the way winners are picked, an admin could see who is going to win in future contests. Also, like I said, Trevor Martin did make a video in response to the accusations against him he has since removed that video but here are the big points: He said that his ownership of the site was never a secret Trevor: I own csgolotto and this is something that has never been a secret Philip: to which his accusers point to this video Trevor: And we found this new site called csgolotto so I’ll link it down in the description if you guys want to check it out but we we’re betting on it today and I won a pot of like sixty nine dollars or something like that, so it’s a pretty small pot but it was like the coolest feeling ever and I ended up like following them on Twitter and stuff and they hit me up and they’re talking to me about potentially doing like a skin sponsorship like they’ll give me skins to be able to bet on the site and stuff Philip: And Trevor’s public explanation of this is at this time he was testing out the website, seeing if he wanted to not only get a sponsorship, but maybe invest in it. Although his accusers said that that documentation showing that he actually owns the website, says that’s a lie.

Where’s your proof of purchasing csgolotto, where’s the proof of transferring the ownership, and personally the thing that rubbed me wrong about this situation is that he says this in the video: Trevor: The problem with that would be, if I didn’t divulge that information and I do, you can look in the description of every single one of my csgolotto videos Philip: But thanks to us being on the internet and internet people doing internet-people-things people were quick to point out that while, “Yes the videos do now say ‘sponsored by’ or you know, ‘at your own risk’ that those are updated descriptions, just days ago, that wasn’t in there. And so just looking at this, it looks like Syndicate, Trevor, and csgolotto as a company, they have broken FTC guidelines Specifically, around effective disclosures in digital advertising, where on it’s first page it says: “Required disclosures must be clear and conspicuous” And we’re expecting an update from Trevor Martin later today, but one of the last things he said publicly was: And here’s what I’ll say: My limited experience with these two guys doesn’t make me think, “Oh these guys are huge scammers” But being ignorant to the law is not a legal defense, it may be a moral defense I also don’t believe that anything that has come out so far has proven that they used having admin access to manipulate games. Although in my opinion, because they owned the company that’s an exact reason of why you should not gamble on your own site. Having insider information, having an unfair advantage, hav- being, being able to potentially manipulate, not that you would, but that you could make an unfair gaming experience, makes your site not legitimate Also they would have to be the most evil, greedy motherfuckers on the planet to scam their viewers.

There’s almost no way they’re not already making millions of dollars not rigging against their customers The way sites like make their money is they take 8% of the whole pot So if everyone throws in their skins and they all come together to value a thousand, no matter who wins, gets what they consider 8% of the skin so on a thousand dollar pot, thats $80 This morning it was on game 96000. There’s almost no way they’re not making crazy money. But it’s a possibility, that’s one of the things that sucks about this. I personally don’t think they’re doing terrible things, but they could and they shouldn’t have that ability. In fact, my main issue with these two guys, around this situation, goes to a bigger situation YouTubers, entertainers, whoever, you need to be transparent in your sponsorships If I say, ” Oh! I like Starbucks coffee cause I like burnt old coffee.”

and I’m not getting paid, that’s cool but if I’m like, “Oh I love Starbucks coffee” Starbucks’ giving me like sixty thousand dollars to say I love Starbucks coffee, and I don’t let you know that Starbucks is paying me to say this I would be a scumbag Now people have shown videos of Trevor Martin and csgolotto bot accounts, showing that he could’ve potentially done something shady. I’m personally more offended by any time I would see Trevor Martin and Tom Syndicate all putting their money on the line Even though, no matter who loses, no one actually loses. Because unlike the people they’re promoting, to the 8% fee is just gonna go to the company they own, and because they have access to the bot accounts that can transfer those skins, no one ever actually loses anything, not unless they want, which once again goes down to even if they’re not doing evil shit because they have access to do evil shit they shouldn’t be allowed to Or another situation, TmarTn posts a video where he won $8800+ in skins his odds in that video were 18.84% but because your chance of winning is directly related to how much you’re willing to risk, the more you put on the line, the more likely you are to win. Because he’s the owner of the website, he has a reduced cost/risk.

Csgolotto is already going to retain 8% of this pot anyway. So because he owns the website, he has a lower risk and he gets to play by a different set of rules. And that bothers me. And as far as to what happens next, according to Ryan Morisson, many of you know him as Video Game Attorney, he wrote: He wrote that “This is definitely illegal, and definitely has been reported to the FTC” Also, separately from the FTC, individual users may be suing csgolotto At least one streamer screen-shotted him going against TmarTn and he wrote: Blah!

That story took far too long and still doesn’t encompass the entire situation So that’s that. I pass the question off to you guys: Do you- are you pissed off about this situation? Do you feel like this is an example of YouTuber’s abusing their relationship with their audience, potentially breaking FTC guidelines, or is this just overblown? It’s ignorance, it’s maybe negligence, not a scam. I’d love to know what you think and why!

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I’m only 13 years old.” And don’t worry about the odds of getting your money back because there’s literally no way or reason for me to mess with it And it’s just exhilarating. I say this as someone that both owns the site and uses it. And it really all boils down to the slogan of There’s no way I could be stealing your money if you’re just giving it to me! And the first bit of Awesome is self-promo Awesome. If you didn’t see while I was gone, I put out a buncha weekend videos up during the week: Played “Real or Fake Headlines” with SkyDoesMinecraft Had a debate of ridiculous questions with Mr. John Green And we sent our very own Reina Scully to a sex hotel If you haven’t already, be sure to check those out after today’s video!

Also congrats to the five people, Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Baaan! who just won $100 Amazon gift card literally just for yesterday’s video If you don’t know why they got $100 each, well maybe you should turn notifications on! Don’t know why I just got so aggressive (voicecrack) Then an Awesome video that actually got dropped last week, that I just needed to share just really quick, I gotta give props to Fergie, who came out with a music video for “Milf Money”, where we get to see her, Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Ciara just pour milk on themselves.

It’s essentially what we would’ve gotten from the “Got Milk?” campaign, if it was run by a fifteen year old boy. Then we got the news, thanks to a Facebook livestream That Wreck-It-Ralph 2 is gonna drop in 2018 They also gave away part of the plot but you can check that out if you want Then if you like comedy specials, Jim Jefferies just dropped a new one called “Freedumb” Some Game of Thrones goodness John Oliver goodness Also, wait, I forgot I was gone when this happened! Oh my god the Game of Thrones finale!!!! And guys, of course, if you wanna check out any of the full versions of anything I shared The secret links of the day! Anything at all, links as always are in the description down below Then really quick in basketball news, Kevin Durant has announced that he is going to be a Golden State Warrior.

A lot of Warrior’s fans loving that and a lot of “Whoa!” A lot of Oklahoma City Thunder fans turning to fire. Specifically going to social media to show that they are burning their Durant jerseys. Because nothing says, “Fuck you Kevin Durant like me burning the thing that I bought with my own… Oh no!”

“The only person affected in this situation is me burning the thing that I paid for with money.” “So to essentially show that I’m angry that you’re leaving for more money and a potential championship, I’m just showing that I make poor money decisions, Damn it!” But ohh! That has wondering, remember when everyone started burning their Lebron James jerseys cause he went to Miami for that super team?

I wonder how many of those same people who burnt their jerseys bought the new ones when he came back Probably a lot, maybe this is a good business decision for everyone. Side note: This is also one of my favorite stories today because people went back and found a Kevin Durant tweet which was back when Lebron was leaving for Miami and he wrote: A lot of people calling him a hypocrite now, I think it’s just a prime example that you know sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. Then we had huge political news in the United States around Hillary Clinton. This morning, FBI director, James Comey told reporters: “The FBI will not recommend a criminal indictment against Hillary Clinton over her use of private email servers to conduct official and, in many cases, classified correspondance during her tenure as Secretary of State” Noting that while Clinton and her staff were extremely careless that no reasonable prosecutor would bring an indictment against Clinton and that no charges are appropriate in this case And while this is definitely a win for Hillary Clinton and her campaign, I don’t really know how this will affect the vote. Most everyone that’s supporting Hillary Clinton is just gonna go, “See, we told ya, everything was OK” Where, for the most part, those who were against Hillary Clinton are gonna say, “See, this is another example career politician, part of the establishment being protected by the establishment. Checks and balances my ass!”

Then of course, what would the Philip DeFranco show be without a Florida story? Although this time, it’s not Florida man, but Florida woman who made news. That woman being 32 year old Karla Vasquez who was kidnapped, and by kidnapped I mean, lied to her husband about being kidnapped because she banged some other dude. Karla, who is a stripper, Hey Hey! No Judgement… but it pertains to the story, she’s a stripper who got off of work and rather than going home like she normally would’ve, she instead, went to a bar to meet up with another guy She made her husband think that she has been kidnapped.

Her husband then calls police because that’s what you do when someone has been kidnapped Then, the cops, using the GPS system in her car and phone, track her down, and they spot her at 3 PM the next day driving the car she said that she was kidnapped in. Well hey! Maybe she was able to fight and get away!? Nope!

Photos on her friends phone showed her having a fantastic time that night, she ended up just meeting another guy and wanted to bang him at his house. So that was a thing that happened! And you know what? That’s actually where we’re going to end today’s show. There’s so much stuff we have to catch up on. There’s so many things that I wanted to add, I mean the NASA Juno Space Probe was a happy one, the horrifying ones were those terrorist attacks over the weekend, the Black Lives Matter stopping the Pride Parade in Toronto, how truly fucked the Rio Olympics seem to be, more and more and more there’s one thing you can be sure of: The shows are gonna be slammed this week.

So keep an eye out, of course we’re back to seven days a week as of today. And remember, if you like this video, you like what I do, hit that like button! If you’re new here, hit that damn Subscribe button!