Online Gambling: How You’ve Grown

The online gambling industry is a very young industry when compared to others, but it has grown and spread in a way that many other industries would not be able to. When they first came out they were considered somewhat crude and elementary for those that chose to participate, but that has changed over the years.

New online gambling software is now state of the art and amazingly created. The graphics and sounds that are used in the creation of the various online gambling games many times make you feel as if you were really in a casino.

As the demand for casino games and bigger and better casinos has grown, the manufacturers of the online casino games have found themselves needing to constantly reinvent the way we look at the internet, and how we view gambling. They have to take things in our ordinary lives and somehow make them into more interesting online gambling games.

Take for example – eBay. Not in a million years would anyone have linked it to an online gambling site. However, it is now an online slots game, and you can be assured that if it is a hit it will make its way into the B&M casinos as well. That is the beauty of the online gambling world.

Television shows like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! have cult followings in the online slots world as well as land based casinos, but the potential for where they can go from here is limitless. As more and more money gets funneled into the online gambling industry, you will see things like eBay become much more commonplace in online gambling circles.

The Nevada Gaming Control recently ran a survey to judge the interest of residents in legalizing online gambling within the state. They had the University of Nevada Las Vegas run the survey to see how many had an interest in it being legalized, and how many of them had participated in online gambling in the past.

The survey showed that only 3.7% of residents have participated in any kind of online gambling over the past five years. The survey also showed that 65.4% of residents had very little interest in online gambling at all.

There seems to be some sort of an exemption to the Federal Law in reference to online gambling, and that they might be able to legalize it in their state even if the rest of the country does not participate in it. They wanted to know if it was worth pursuing legalizing it; if there were a lot of people who wanted that to happen.

They say that if they did legalize online gambling, very little of the population would likely take part in it, and if they did the chances of an increase in gambling addiction are slim at best. They say that with so little people interested it is not likely that legalizing the online gambling would all of a sudden cause people to start gambling where they did not before.

Those that are interested include other online gambling venues like horse racing. They suggested that the state look into the regulation of it just for Nevada, as they feel that there would be enough people to make it worthwhile. Because the UIGEA made it difficult for people to gamble online, but still allowed for the states to make their own rules regarding online gambling, Nevada could end up as the only state in the nation that had legal online gambling.