Alex Rodriguez Gambling?

I can travel right now with ncl eighties reportedly been and some illegal underground poker games and now they’re alleging that there was opin continuous akeystar guardians and that they were advances have been at all time in the middle of that yeah i don’t think this makes any difference uh…

For a couple of reasons one if there’s no allegations that he partook immediately use drugs right or other issue but playing poker his legal career i stand baseball will crack down on that but uh… In driving is immune from the idea idea of banning these guys from getting in trouble with gamblers and by the way they’re not restricted from going to Las Vegas so there is no real difference others the illegality these games but the idea of cracking down on gambling is that these guys don’t fall under the let on to the web of gamblers and therefore are susceptible certain gamblers saying but look you will s the silly in dollars so therefore throwing game and will let you off the hook iran too rich here at his immune from that he simply to rich.

I don’t see how it matters and there’s a really other famous people but of all these contract yet is that a new tell me why and then af ladka saying me that cap and that demand but they are desperate taking these big illegal under and put the gains and now they’re saying that at one of the games are the guy who’s hosting it is at record label unaccompanied libel who um… apparently he didn’t want to pay it for cover his half million dollar last.

That’s a problem yeah and then so is this dennis big or do you all and then en route to spare shaking his head and then that conclusion in his head shaking his head of the best a and said that he started having his own game set organizing his own games in his florida home but he was bringing in some found for protection they’re alleging covers all this is all nor magazines of and i really really preferable one asap magazine uh… rigmarole does this make any difference life they’re pretty much just seems like it’s just hearsay the argument even if it were proven true there minutes of the baseball should uh…

It they need alistair if they wanted a suspended a little bit ish is not that big a deal doesn’t threaten the integrity of the game but isn’t a big deal if they called him back you know seven s knock it off at these illegal cocaine’s yeah any kind of the listings at yet he did so bait levy get in trouble for disobeying a but it doesn’t it’s not like people’s the sanctity to her t_v_ game has not been violated and i got news for you guys play poker and whenever they play poker it’s illegal whenever we exchange money and i’m not gonna pretend like i haven’t done it you can kindly playpoker and we we win money and it’s not that big a deal uh… of the problem is as always is that the you know with p rose davis horrible i would never let pete rose who hope million years i would like to grow so will be roasted was worse than you can do anything i don’t care if i got was a racist that’s different you be rose jeopardize the integrity amen.

That’s a whole different thing out ferguson i don’t like it will do you think they should be suspended them i mean you can really broke their role in nato not only giving a little time but they don’t make it clear as an annuity integrity the game which is violating a baseball rolla and what he did his i would have thought of people do but he makes twenty five million dollars a year you know what you got a just a game and we should really isn’t any way i can believe in less than twenty four dollar part i think we’re going to hold now in fact he doesn’t have quite the same reaction that uh… uh… that i do too savings of twenty planes in the legal program now he should stop situation we should get over it is like earth-shattering leave extras.